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Website Technology is an apt process of conceptualizing, planning and building the website and determines the way it looks and works. Starting with creating a layout, creating color panel, setting text panel, graphic structure and images, making use of interactive features and topping it with creative animations, we make your business appear credible online.

The process of planning is itself the most important and crucial aspect. It covers 3 core areas that is analysis, consultation and research.

Initially a wireframe (a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website) is created and a designing concept is generated. After creating a unique blueprint of the website, multiple revisions are taken into consideration and a unique and creative design is formulated.

Development process is a combination of content and database integration. For E-commerce websites, development process is packed with payment gateway integration, managing inventory, internal link structuring and optimisation.

Fluidity is the key and we make sure that your website has a smooth and flowing structure.

We provide you with full fledged post development support covering the major 2 core areas that is website optimization and bug support.

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